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Quite Contrary Flower Farm

Dahlia Seeds

Dahlia Seeds

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A packet of open-pollinated dahlia seeds harvested from our flowers at the end of the 2024 growing season. 

Our dahlias are grown in colour blocks and we diligently remove single and cactus types from our field prior to letting the field set seed. 

We primarily grow balls and small and miniature decoratives, with a sprinkling of larger dahlias and semi-decoratives, too.

Seed Count:

Mixed Seed: 25 seeds

Single Parent: 20 Seeds


$10 with tracking.

Please note we cannot combine dahlia seeds with any other order.

We can only ship our seeds to: VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, and ACT

About Dahlia Seeds

Please Note: dahlias do not come true to type from seed and may not look like the parent plant. You are buying a lucky dip flower - even when purchasing a known parent variety. The plant grown from seed could look like anything from the traditional five petalled daisy, to the fluffy double dahlias that we all know and love.

While we manage our field to increase the chances that dahlias grown from our seeds will be doubles, we cannot make any guarantees - no one can. Dahlia genetics are complex.

If you would like to know more about the difference between cloning dahlias and growing from seed check out our Growing Guide 

So you might wonder: is there much point in buying a single variety over a mixed pack?

The benefit of purchasing seeds from a known parent is you know half of the genetics. There is a greater chance they will take some traits from the known parent, so a higher probability of getting something that looks similar. 

It can also be a fun experiment to see how similar - or how different - the seedlings may look from their parent.

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