We Grow Good Flowers

At Quite Contrary Flower Farm we grow flowers that are good for the environment.

Using regenerative methods we seek to leave our soil in a better condition than when we found it, while also bringing you gorgeous flowers that you can feel good about.

Our cut flowers are available to florists and all other flower lovers.

We have plant, seed, and tuber sales from time to time.

  • Local

    We support local. Not only do we want to support our local economy, but we want to keep our footprint as small as possible. We use local inputs wherever possible and reuse as many inputs on the farm as we can.

  • Abundant

    We believe in the power of community and sharing knowledge. We strive to work, and collaborate, with others in our industry, and to share how and why we grow the way that we do.

  • Real

    The only manure we're interested in is the kind we can use on the flowers.

    We grow real flowers and give real advice.