Information for Florists

We know how hard you work to source the best flowers for your clients. 

Let us help. 

Our flowers are grown without harmful chemicals, and offer a certain magic that isn't easily found at your local wholesaler. 

We grow a range of garden roses that are at their best in November, including an establishing patch of David Austins. 

Through summer and autumn we offer a range of Dahlias. 

From spring to autumn we have a rotating roster of annuals and perennials in our field, so there is usually something a little different from week to week. 

Please keep in mind that we grow our flowers entirely in the open field, and this means that weather can sometimes impact our availability. 

Please join our mailing list for florists below if you would like our availability lists when they become available.

We also welcome your input about what flowers you would love to source from us, and what colour palettes are becoming popular.