Why You Should Grow Dahlias

Why You Should Grow Dahlias

It might be hard to believe given their current rockstar status in the flower world, but there was a time, not so long ago, when dahlias were considered to be passe or old fashioned. 

Think: ordering tubers through a mail order catalogue, or having to join a Dahlia Society to find an eye-catching cultivar. 

But perhaps their resurgence should not be so surprising. 

Dahlias are a wonderful addition to any cut flower garden. 

Vase life can vary depending on cultivar, but they make for an almost unparalleled display of beauty in the home or event. 

And the range of colours, shapes, and sizes is truly outstanding. 

My personal favourites tend towards pastels and smaller, ball type blooms. Though I am also a sucker for something large and blousy, with a mess of petals in every direction - sorry, dahlia purists!

The thing with dahlias is that there is a competitive show season that runs alongside the flowering season and the characteristics that make a good show flower, might not make it the best flower for the cut flower market. That doesn't mean that both aren't beautiful, only that you should put some thought into cultivar selection if you want to show or sell cut flowers. 

There are so many different ways to curate your collection of dahlias and to enjoy them:

  • you might love the competition that comes from putting your dahlias against the best of other gardens in a show arena; 

  • you might love to cut the flowers and bring inside to enjoy, or share them with your family, friends, and community; 

  • you might like to try your hand at breeding your own dahlias - a process that can be as simple or complex as suits your interest; or

  • you might simply want a plant in your garden with a lot of colour and a long flowering season. 

And failing all of that? Maybe you just want to try the novelty of a roast tuber alongside your dinner. Or perhaps make a home brew? In seasons past the Dahlia Society of Victoria published a recipe for how to make "wine" from dahlia tubers. 

I'm not sure that there's any other flower that offers so much and - added bonus - is relatively fuss free to grow.

They aren't without their issues but in coming guides we'll share how, with only a little care, you can enjoy these plants to their fullest. 

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